Leverage digital business services to ensure your business thrives in the virtual world. Digital services should be simple for small business owners and professional service providers. Let our team handle these digital services so that you devote your time and energy toward what you actually enjoy doing. Let us take your headache away because digital services should be simple.

Digital Business Plans to Support You

Here are the essentials that we offer small businesses and professional service providers who want digital services made simple.

The Digital Resources Plan / Monthly

  • Our team provides up to 5 digital resources for your business – ranging from digital business cards, digital product features, or digital service features of your choice. This package includes the opportunity to update the information on all of your active resources once per month.

The Digital Media Package / Monthly

  • Includes everything listed in the Digital Resources Plan
  • Our team posts to your business social media accounts – from Facebook to LinkedIn to Instagram (up to 10 posts per month)
  • Our team provides you with a monthly content calendar including ideas to fuel your work.
  • Our team turns your article or document (up to 2 per month, max. 1,000 words) into a LinkedIn article.
  • Our team turns your – long and possibly confusing – urls into custom QR codes (you know those square barcodes that people scan with their smartphones) that you can use in your presentations or print materials (up to 4 per month)
  • Our team turns your personalized video shot from your smart phone or webcam (up to 2 per month, max. 4 minutes) into an online resource streamed on your business YouTube channel.

The Digital Strategy Suite / Monthly

  • Includes everything listed in the Digital Media Package
  • Our team provides you with a report highlighting essential digital insights for your business (may include social media, digital traffic, online reviews, and more)
  • Our team provides you with virtual digital marketing coaching (up to 2 per month, 30 minute sessions).

“It’s time to move from a 1990s professional to 2020s professional.”

Dr. Sarah Skidmore / Leadership Futurist

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