Welcome Friends of Diversity Masterminds

Digital Services Made Simple for Small Biz and Professionals

The Skidmore Consulting team loves supporting small businesses and professional service providers. In the midst of the global pandemic, Dr. Sarah, Leadership Futurist & Consultant with Skidmore Consulting, launched digital business cards for an underserved market.

A Digital Business Card for a Digital World

Dr. Sarah and the Skidmore Consulting team are excited to offer the Digital Services Made Simple line of offerings. These offerings showcase the most frequently requested digital services that prove to be invaluable for business owners navigating the digital space.

Learn How to Get 3 Months Free

We support the work of Diversity Masterminds! Email info@skidmore-consulting.com and let us know you are a Diversity Mastermind. Diversity Masterminds may unlock 3 months free with an annual subscription to a digital business card. *Not to be combined with other offers.

Would you benefit from a digital business card?

Think about yourself for a moment. Would you benefit from a digital business card? Check out Dr. Sarah’s Digital Business Card if you aren’t quite sure *what that is.*

Click to activate your Digital Business Card Subscription.

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